Welcome to a world of tokenized services

I’m Reuben, a consultant and advisor for crypto projects.

You can commission me to work for you by using my token, Counsel ($CNSL)

1 $CNSL is redeemable for 1 hour of my time

How can I help you?

 Here are some of the things that I do for my clients

  • Guidance on the crypto regulatory landscape

  • Product review & advice

  • Risk analysis for product roadmap

  • Product testing and feedback

  • Crypto investment thesis review

  • Presentations, training & education sessions

Some clients that I have worked with include

IMPORTANT: I don't currently offer legal advice or representation

About me
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I've been working in the crypto space since 2013 - back when it was still called the Bitcoin space!

I've worked in crypto as a lawyer, product manager, fund manager and consultant.

I was the first Product Counsel at Coinbase, which I joined in 2015.


At Coinbase I was also the Head of Coinbase Asset Management, and the Product Manager for Paradex after its acquisition.


I wrote and lectured the world's first postgraduate course on the Regulation of Digital Currency, at the University of Nicosia in 2015.


I was the lead author of the industry leading legal research paper The Blockchain Token Securities Law Framework in 2016.